Tutorials and Examples

Most of the documentation consists of notebooks that show BeakerX’s kernels and widgets in action.

Installation with Conda

We recommend conda to install Jupyter and BeakerX, and to manage your Python environments. BeakerX works with Python 3.5 and above. Conda forge hosts the lastest version.

conda create -y -n beakerx python=3.5
source activate beakerx
conda install -y -c conda-forge ipywidgets
conda install -y -c conda-forge beakerx

Running BeakerX

Start Jupyter with

jupyter notebook

and then use the “New” menu to create a notebook in the language of your choice.

Installation with Pip

You can also install BeakerX with pip.

pip install beakerx

Running with Docker

Docker is the most reliable way get run Jupyter and BeakerX since it’s completely self contained.

docker run -p 8888:8888 beakerx/beakerx

Beaker Notebooks Converter

You can convert classic Beaker Notebook files (with file suffix “.bkr”) to Jupyter Notebooks (with file suffix “.ipynb”) as follows:

python -m beakerx.bkr2ipynb *.bkr

Building and Contributing

We welcome developers to extend and improve BeakerX in ways that can benefit everyone. Please see the README for more information.